12 Movies to Find the Best Costuming Inspiration

We're always on the hunt for some costume inspiration. Where better to find it than movies and television? Here's our (ongoing) list of our favorite sources of costuming inspiration. 

Iron Jawed Angels

If you haven't seen this movie, you'll need to watch it twice. Once for the costumes and once for the beautiful story. It's a movie film. Here's a few snapshots of the costuming.


Cinderella Man

The musical score of this film makes for beautiful transitional music in shows. Also, another great movie all on its own. 


The Great Gatsby

While the movie missed some vital plot points from the book that I loved, we can't ignore the gorgeous costuming. Here's a few drool-worthy shots from the 2013 rendition. 


Some Like It Hot

This one is a classic every movie buff should see at least once. We can't get enough of Marilyn Monroe. Keep in mind the movie was made in 1959, so forgive the photo quality.


Midnight in Paris

Thoughts on Woody Allen aside, this movie was a fun combination of quirky Allen humor and time travel. Weird, right? Anyway, here's some great shots of the costuming. 


The Aviator

If there weren't for some choice language, we would definitely be showing this in class. It has great acting as well as a film history lesson. The costuming does span from the 1920s to the 1940s, so it could go on many lists. Here's some stills from the film. 


Boardwalk Empire

While I haven't actually seen every episode, I have indulged in the Boardwalk Empire every once in a while. The costuming is inspiring without even knowing the storyline. Here's some costuming ideas. 



This movie was my first interaction with Angelina Jolie's true acting talent. Her performance alone is enough reason to watch this. But if you have time to pause every scene and gawk at the costuming, you should. Here's proof. 



The first time I saw this movie in theaters, I fell in love. I went back four more times to see while it was still showing at the movies. It's production value is basically unmatched. We can't get over their gorgeous costuming either. 


The Color Purple

Who can resist this moving story? It took several times watching it before I could control tearing up! It's also a great look at working-class costumes of the era. Keep in mind these costumes do span about 40 years. 


The King's Speech

I've been meaning to go back and watch this movie purely for its content. It's got great inspiration for men's suits and women's accessories. Helena Bonham Carter is dripping in jewels through most of the movie. This film has great examples of the highest class of 192os fashion. 



This movie's storyline comes in at the very end of the 1920s and leads us through The Great Depression. It's a beautiful story and shows a side of fashion not too common to period movies. Here's a few examples. 


Are you inspired yet? You should be! Do you have a go-to movie for costuming inspiration? Let us know in the comments below. 

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