The Ultimate Digital Media Characterization Package

If you're reading this, you probably just came from our workshop at SummerFest 2016. Thanks so much for coming by. If not, you might have just stumbled here in a happy accident. Equally exciting! Without any further ado, here is the list of stuff we covered in our workshop along with the links to all the free downloads you'll need to boost your actors' characterization through digital and social media! 

1. Building Characters

You can read our blog post here about how we use this tactic. 


2. Defining Character Arcs and Themes

This is sort of the second part to the worksheet above. Use this to dive even deeper into your characters, storyline and themes of your show. Get all the details in our blog post here.  


3. Hashtag Cloud

Here's a way to visually map your characters thoughts, feelings, motives or actions. Follow the directions in the worksheet for a fun, modern lesson. 


4. Character Phone

This is a brand new lesson plan we debuted at SummerFest 2016! It's a great way to engage your students to think "outside the script" in terms of their character. We will have a blog post up soon about how to really make this lesson stick with your students. 


5. Character Instagram

This is a great way to get your students excited about characterization. Use this in conjunction with these other worksheets to get the full effect. 

Here's our presentation we used in the workshop. You can use this for further guidance for yourself and your students. 

Social Media Workshop Presentation

Here are the other worksheets we mentioned, but didn't go over in depth. Enjoy them to their fullest! We've had lots a great student success using them. 

Character Mapping

Actor's Self-Assessment Worksheet