Why are we going green?

Art education is about being holistic. One of the biggest, if not the most important, goal of theatre is to teach empathy. And how better to become empathetic than to see a situation from multiple perspectives. Basically, teaching the fine arts encompasses multiple disciplines at once. For example, there's math and geometry for tech theatre, history for timely plays, Sociology for satires, English for all written word we encounter, foreign languages for translated pieces, and life sciences for the delicate human psyche you deal with as an actor. 

To make our arts program more well-rounded, and in turn, our students more informed, we decided to make a conscious effort to be more green.

What do we mean by that?

To make a long story short, we want to teach students that conservation and appreciation of what we have shouldn't be taken lightly. If it weren't for the bare necessities like water, fuel, food and shelter being readily available to us, art would have never happened! So while it may be a small step for this little theatre department to move towards being "green," we hope it just might help shape a student into a thoughtful, productive and enriched producer and consumer of art. 

So here's what we're doing to be more careful when it comes to resources

  • As you likely know by now, our show program this year is completely digital! This saved the school (and some trees) over 1,000 sheets of paper.  
  • We've gone digital in our classroom! As your student may have told you, we put all possible classroom activities on this website, meaning we're using even less paper than ever in the theatre department. To roughly calculate that: there's approximately 100 students enrolled in a theatre class, needing on average two sheets of paper a day for classwork. With 60 days of school already gone, that would mean we've saved 12,000 sheets of paper to date! 
  • For parent communication, we're going all digital. (Did you sign up for the email newsletter yet?) This means no more letters lost on their way home, to be forever forgotten in lockers and buses. Just the information you need - right to your inbox.