Singing and Monologue Summer Homework

Hey guys!!! Hope you are having a great summer!! I have a little summer homework for you that I really need you to seriously work on as you have time. OAP will start quite a bit earlier this year because the state has moved the dates way back, so I want us to get started ASAP.

Below you will find a few basic things that I want you to have ready to go by the first day of school. If you are receiving this and are no longer in the class, just disregard…..but if you plan on doing the musical and/or OAP you MUST be ready with the following items.

Right now, I am leaning heavily toward Little Shop of Horrors for our fall show. So to prepare for that, I want you to be very familiar with "Skid Row" because it will be the big cast song. I have listed the YouTube videos that I would like for you to watch in learning these songs.

Also, you need to get very familiar with “It is Well With My Soul”…… We sang this song in OAP a couple of years ago, and we are looking at a possible show for this year that relies heavily on this song. Nothing is set yet. Of course, we will have to read, look at kids, etc. But I want you to know this song inside and out by the first day of school. I want you to study the following YouTube videos and see if you can begin to pick out the harmonies. We will certainly need to hit the harmonies of this beautiful song. Even if you are not going to do OAP, we will most likely use this song as a warm up during the fall to prepare ourselves, so everyone must learn it.


On the “It is Well” song, I do not want you to learn with accompaniment. I expect you to learn how to hold the tune on key and harmonize without the crutch of a piano or any other accompaniment.

1.     This video is a beautiful version of this song done by an all male choir. Just watch and enjoy. 

2.     This one is a great way to look at the individual harmonies. 

3.     This version is a beautiful version of a male and female church congregation.

4.     This one is a beautiful version of three young people singing the song and you can really pick out the harmonies pretty well….BUT they have ZERO emotion. We will need to have tons and tons of feeling and emotion in this song. 

5.     Now this is a version with beautiful singing and it leans toward some major emotion. We MUST push the emotion of the song. ACT THE SONG!! 

6.     Now make sure you are completely comfortable with the opening number from Little Shop called “Skid Row”. We really need to start on the first day of school knowing this song.



Now, I want to give you a couple of examples of monologues that you will need to work up for auditions. Since time will be more of a crunch than ever, I want to go ahead and give you these now and let you work on them so we can audition asap after school starts.


Audrey: (Audrey has a really strong New York accent with a high pitched whine to it. Make sure you have watched some YouTube videos of the movie version and get that voice down) What Seymour’s trying to say, Mr. Mushnik, is….well, we’ve talked about it and we both agree…..(confidentially to Seymour) Seymour, why don’t you run in back and bring out that strange and interesting new plant you’ve been working on? (Seymour leaves) You see, Mr. Mushnik, some of those exotic plants Seymour has been tinkering around with are really unusual and we were both thinking that maybe some of his strange and interesting plants---prominently displayed and advertised—would attract business.

Ronnette: (one of the chorus girls) Step right up and see the Amazing Audrey Two. The strangest…the most interesting……she’s got amazing, multi-colored warts and she’s over six feet tall!!! You won’t believe it…you simply won’t believe it….there it is!!!


Mushnik: (do some research to figure him out….older man, NY accent, Jewish….) You forgot? How could you forget an order like that? The Shivas are our most important funereal account! A big, enormous family and they’re dropping off like flies! I’m telling you, Krelborn, if we lose their business over this…..YOU…..ARE…………FINISHED!!!!

Seymour: (again, do your research so you are familiar with Seymour) Oh, I don’t mind. After all, I owe him everything. He took me out of the Skid Row Home for Boys when I was just a little tyke. Gave me a warm place to sleep, under the counter……nice things to eat like meatloaf and water…..floors to sweep and toilets to clean and every other Sunday off…..

Work HARD. We are looking forward to an exciting, fun, and successful year!!!