Journalism Day 2- Vocabulary

Today, we will be going over major terms in journalism. You will need these words and ideas to create a solid foundation for this class. 

Follow along with me as I discuss each of these terms. 

Journalism Vocabulary Part A

Headline-  large type designed to summarize a story

Subline- smaller headline set under the main headline

Byline- the line of text that has the name of the reporter who wrote the piece

Lead- the first sentence of a story

Quote- a verbatim account of what someone has said

News- a story which has specific information that matters to a paper's intended audience

Feature- a story that goes beyond just reporting the facts

Editorial- a story that expresses an opinion

Opinion- a statement which cannot be proven

Fact- a statement that can be proven

Column- a vertical division of a layout

Interview- a question and answer session

Story- a block of text on a single topic

Spread- the layout of a newspaper across multiple pages

Cutline- the line of information below a photo