Journalism Day 1- Intro

Hello! Welcome to your journalism class. 

I'm so very excited to be teaching this course! If you didn't know, I majored in journalism in college and love the subject. We will be covering a lot in this class: journalism theory, vocabulary, writing styles, the AP stylebook, editing your writing and eventually will be creating our own school newspaper. 

Here's is all my contact information. You can save this image on your phone if you'd like, so you will always have my contact information. 

**Late work will only be accepted ONE DAY after it was originally due. The highest grade you may receive when work is late is a 70. After the one day grace period, no late work will be accepted and you will receive a zero for that grade. No exceptions.**

Rules and Expectations

1. Respect everyone and yourself. This includes ideas, individuality and questions

2. Always bring materials to class

3. Be prepared every day

4. You will receive grades every day. See the information sheet above for a breakdown of these grades

5. You must have a set of headphones with you at all times as part of your school supplies. 

6. If you do not have a smart phone or an ipad, etc. we will talk and figure out a solution.

7. You will need to log on to the school's Wifi while you are using our website. Unless you have unlimited data, it will obviously use your data unless you are on Wifi. This statement is here so that you realize you have been warned. I do not want complaints about data usage from parents when I have shown you how to avoid it.

8. Our lesson for the day in all of our classes will populate each morning at 8 am. If you want to check it out then, you can....or you can wait until you get to class. I do not want to hear complaints from other teachers that you are checking our website on their time. Use your common sense. 

9. Also, make sure that you do not get in trouble in another class for working on our website during their class time. For example, if you have a quiz for us and work on it during algebra class, you may get in trouble. Just like I don't want you working on algebra in my class. 

10. One more thing--just because we are attempting to be "on the cutting edge" and using our cool website to teach does not mean that all teachers will appreciate that. If you have free time and choose to work on our website and a teacher tells you to put your phone up--PUT IT UP. 

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