Theatre I Day 3-Acting Vocab

Acting Vocabulary

Company- the cast and crew of a show and any other staff who work on the show

Dramatist- person who writes plays

Troupe= a group of actors that form a company

Exit- a stage directions telling an actor to leave the stage

Curtain Call- the bows at the end of a performance

Off book- to not need the script any longer; when an actor has memorized their lines and directions

Run- the number of times a show is performed

Spike - to mark where set pieces should go on the stage

Inner Monologue- the subtext an actor goes through while acting a role

Intention- another word for acting objectives, or action, that an actor pursues while onstage

Motivation- the reason a character pursues a particular objective

Pace- the speed at which your pick up your cue and move to the next line of dialogue

Tactics- the means by which an actor plans to achieve his goal