Journalism Day 4- Vocab Continued

Journalism Vocabulary Part B

Evergreen- a story with little to no timeliness; can be published at any time

Beat- a specific area assigned to a reporter for regular coverage

Timely- a newsworthy event that has happened recently. The usefulness of the story depends on how quickly the information is disemminated

Slander- spoken defamation

Libel- written defamation

Ethics- A standard of conduct based on moral beliefs 

Off the Record- describes material offered to a reporter in confidence. If a reporter accepts this material under this understand, it cannot be used in a story

5 Ws and H- who, what, when, where, why, how

Calendar-  a mapping of future events and story opportunities

Press release-publicity handout, or a story given to the news media for publication

Sidebar- story that emphasizes and elaborates on one part of another nearby story

Slant- to write a story so as to influence the reader's thinking