Journalism Day 7-Writing Types Worksheet

We're going to go further into the discussion about types of journalistic writing. Match the below story topics with the fitting style of journalism. Talk to me if you have any questions.

Name *
A woman rescued from a fire by the local fire department now cooks for the fire team on a regular basis and donates to their events. *
A community member is displeased with the use of tax money by the school board and makes a formal complaint with facts and quotes and multiple points of view *
A new sports arena is being built in town and will shut down a major highway for 6 weeks during construction *
Three local business are teaming up to gather funds in order to help recent hurricane victims
An undisclosed government employee provides his point of view on the latest decisions made about surveillance on police officers *
Foster children are given free access to summer NBA camps. One child is adopted after NBA star after bonding at the camp