Theatre I Day 8-Podcast

Today we will be listening to a podcast and taking a quiz over the content. Listen and answer the questions below as we go along. 

Here is the podcast we will be listening to:

Elizabethan Theatre

Here is your quiz

Name *
What were the original topics of the first plays performed in English? *
How were shows scheduled? *
Why did the Reformers end these types of shows? *
What eventually took the religious pageants' place in the entertainment industry? *
At which venue did performers not put on their shows? *
Why were inns so desirable for shows? *
What was a negative side effect of plays? *
Why was ownership by a noble person so valuable to theatre actors? *
Why were shows seen as a security threat to the Queen? *
What events meant a play could not be performed? (Choose all that apply) *
Why were most playhouses built on the outskirts of town? *
Why weren't most plays performed at night? *
What was the first show written in unrhymed iambic pentameter? *
Which was not a main category of plays at this time? *
Which Elizabethan-era playwright died young? *