Journalism Day 10- Stacking Information

Today, you will begin to build stories based on the shapes they should be. The below stories will have facts in a random order. You will need to sort the facts into the appropriate order based on the type of story they will make. Come see me if you have any questions. 

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The building will begin construction on April 14th
The building will be half a mile from the old school location
The construction company building the mall has been caught laundering construction funds in the past
Government funds are being allocated to the construction project
While the construction manager has been replaced since the company's last scandal, its CEO is still in charge.
The local animal shelter is partnering with the special education school to give students animal friendship and therapy
The manager of the animal shelter has a handicapped son
The program will be conducted every other Friday afternoon at the school
The program hopes to let students bond with animals and eventually adopt them permanently
There are currently 44 dogs available for adoption right now