Costume Day 23-Check In

Figure Drawing Quiz

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The average women's body is how many times the size of her head in heels? *
Runway models are at least how many heads tall? *
Some fashion drawings will show the models to be up to how many heads tall? *
Shoulders should be drawn exactly ________ times the width of the head? *
Which of the following fabric designs did the girl in the YouTube video NOT show us how to draw? *


You can submit your character costume project progress report below anytime between now and Friday. Either way, keep working to meet the expected goals. This form is due by the end of the school day on Friday. 

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Give me all the details. Timeline, who is working on the alterations, what still needs to be completed, etc.
I have checked in with someone working on alterations and pledge that all progress has been made that I can contribute to. *
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