Production Day 26-30- Rehearsal Notes

Rehearsal as usual! You know the drill. Notes will be here everyday covering the previous day's rehearsal. Check back to take notes on your work. 

Monday, September 26 Notes

Little Shop notes

*Jeremy slow down especially on prepositional phrases…hard to understand…..some phrases running


*Bigger laughing on gas

*Madalyn-- -“leader of the plaque”……listen to Leader of the Pack song to get the feel

*TEMPO is It’s the Gas!!!!

*LOUDER everyone!!

*Audrey much much much more scared and jumpy around Orin….I don’t believe you are very scared and

intimidated by him right now

*He hears him-- -Billy


*Billy watch the tempo in that one part of the Mushnik song…..(first stanza when you first approach


*Too much delay before Sudden Changes surround me…

*Jeremy slow down on the word SWEATER…I can’t make it out

*Jeremy NEXT should be bigger and more creepy….like who can I get in my chair and torture next??

*some scenes are way too draggy….comedy must be much quicker and on top of each other



*we still need to fix the timing on It’s Just the Gas

*For Friday, September 30*

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