Speech Day 7-Review Speech Outline

We're going over the basic speech outline today. Follow along with me as I talk through all the points of a basic speech template. 

  1. Intro (3 to 5 sentences)
  2. "Attention Getter" (question, quote, definition, anecdote, etc.)
  3. State the topic
  4. Transition (first, to begin with, etc.)
  5. Discuss your first point by giving examples to support
  6. Body (4 to 6 sentences)
  7. Transition (next, secondly, in addition, etc.)
  8. Discuss your second point giving examples to support
  9. Body two (4 to 6 sentences)
  10. Transition (furthermore, thirdly, etc.)
  11. Discuss your third point giving examples to support
  12. Body three (4 to 6 sentences)
  13. Conclusion
  14. Transition
  15. Restate your topic
  16. Restate your points

To get an "A" on a speech, you must do the following:

  • Memorize your first and fifth paragraphs
  • Have transition variety
  • State your points in order

Completing the above requirements will not guarantee and "A", but you cannot get an "A" without them. 


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