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Submitted Lessons

Activity Name: Academy Awards Project

Submitted by Janice McDonald

Description: Students begin with a worksheet for which they need to research the awards in general: where are they held, dimensions of the stage, number of seats, official name of the Academy, why called "Oscars", history of the awards, etc. 
Then students choose one of the 8-10 films nominated for best picture, make a poster, and create a presentation about their chosen film. They must research cost to make, gross income, actors involved, writers, directors, producers, plot summary, genre, and if the actors underwent special training or effects makeup. If it is a historical film, they research the time period. This is all just a general outline- you can ask for as much in-depth information as you want.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Recommended Class: Theatre I, Tech Theatre

Recommended Time: Multiple class days

Activity Name: Stage Combat

Submitted by Martin Sanchez

Description: It's been years since I last tried it, but this year it was a blast. Many students on final exam wrote it was their favorite.

Day 1 warm up is reviewing basics (Victim is always control, gotta have a nap, safety first). We then spend 30 minutes reviewing slaps, punches, and hair pull/choking. 

Day 2. While students are walking in class, I'm playing world star hip hops best fights. As I'm asking them about passion so strong that leads us to attack. Their journal entry continues with "break noses by breaking upstaging rule, rehearse slow so you can swing fast, etc. rehearse kicks, falls, blocks.

2 days of fun rehearsing (they must include their dramatic confrontation [character driven], 6 moves [blocks, falls, drags, kicks included]. It's amazing what some of the freshmen did! Upperclassmen girls struggled with fight, but had great dialogue. 

2 days of performances if needed. Rubric, fun, and easy to grade!

Difficulty Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Recommended Class: Theatre I, Theatre II, Theatre III, Production

Recommended Time: Multiple class days

Activity Name: Theatre Mask/Greek Tragedy

Submitted by Belinda Matlock

Description: Students build a Theatre mask out of plaster gauze based on a fairytale. I then have them study Aristotle's 6 parts of the ideal tragedy. I then have them organze in groups and write their own Greek tragedy based on their chosen fairytale. They must adhere to the 3 actor form and incorporate the chorus, poetry, dance, music and a single plot into their work.

Difficulty Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Recommended Class: Theatre I, Theatre II. Theatre III, Production

Recommended Time: Multiple class days