OAP Rule Changes Announced at SummerFest 2016

We're here at SummerFest 2016 with all the amazing people in the Texas theatre community. The conference has been so rewarding. The workshop we care about the most, Luis Munoz's announcement of the new rules, was this morning. Here's the scoop on all he announced in case you missed it. 


Make sure your bi-district information forms are in by August 10. This is to ensure you aren't double booking someone. You must have your district planning meeting by August 15th. Script approvals are due by December 14th. 

  • Aug 10: Bi-district info form due
  • Aug 15-Nov 1: Planning Meetings
  • Oct 1: Deadline to enroll
  • Nov 2-Feb 1: Dates to contact panelists 2 and 3
  • Dec 14: Script and set approval deadline
  • Feb 1:
    • Deadline to organize your director's One Act Play contest
    • Deadline to set up One Act Play meets in Spring Meets Entry System
    • Title registration and contestant forms open
    • deadline for executing judge contracts
    • Deadline for contest managers to register online
  • Feb 23: Deadline to enter titles
  • 10 Calendar Days prior to your first contest
    • Deadline for contestant entry, play and set
    • Information and additional directors to be entered via the UIL Spring Meet Entry System without DEC approval (Systems open Feb 1)
    • Deadline for submitting Contestant Entry Form for Zone or District contests
  • March 25: Deadline for District and Bi-District Online certification of results
  • March 31, April 1, 3 and 4: Area Meets
  • April 5-8: Regional Meets
  • State Meet: All at AISD Performing Arts Center
    • 1A- April 20
    • 2A- April 21
    • 3A- April 22
    • 4A- April 24
    • 5A- April 25
    • 6A- April 26

Because there are only 1,200 seats at the PAC, all tickets will be sold ahead of time online. Someone raised a concern that last year at the PAC, we were not able to use the cyc. Mr. Munoz is working on a solution to this problem. 

You will get comments back on your cuttings and scripts directly from Luis Munoz and the committee! This is pretty exciting. It will be sent to you and your administration. He will note things such as questionable content and language. This will replace the old approval letter process. This new process is to ensure administrators take a more active role in quality control in school productions. If you are asked to resubmit your script, you will have two weeks to respond. 

"When the state approves a play, we are the standards for the community," -Luis Munoz

The approved list of plays will be finalized and updated on August 1st. Several plays will be added and some have been removed. 

Student Teachers

This year student teachers will be allowed to act as assistant directors on productions. They can be listed on the eligibility notice but will not count against the three directors the school is allowed. The executive committee is discussing the possibility of adding additional directors and this information will be released in October. 

Advancing and Awards

The plays at state will now be announced from 1-6, instead of only announcing the top 3 ranked shows.  

The committee is looking at having an "Outstanding Crew" award. This will be given to an entire crew rather than an individual tech member. 


There will no longer be any caps on points. Woohoo! If you get 1,000 points, you earned 1,000 points and they are yours to keep. This is really exciting. 

This year, theatrical design will be a point-earner at State for the first time. 

Film will earn points as a group contest just like any other group contest.

We now have a new award, the State Theatre Championship. This will be awarded based on the combined effort of your One Act Play, Theatrical Design and Film Contest.

Time Limits

There's no time limit for music anymore! This is amazing. Our heads are spinning with new music ideas. 

There's still seven minutes to set your stage, one minute to start your performance and 40 minutes for your entire show. 

The 10 minute and 30 second rules are gone. However, even thought UIL will not be in charge of this, you are legally responsible for following copyright laws. 

No play will run less than 18 minutes. You and your group will receive a warning at 15 minutes into a show and at 35 minutes into your show from an official time keeper. This will be done backstage and will require an audible confirmation from a member of your crew. 


They are strongly discouraging Zone competitions for schools with eight schools. It is especially discouraged to use a panel of judges as a waste of resources in a Zone competition. 

1A Actors

For 1A competition, you will now be allowed to take a student from 8th grade and use them as a substitute in roles that have been left open to grades, discipline issues, etc. 

These students will not lose eligibility for their remaining four years of high school UIL. 

This is for 1A only! So even if you are a small school with limited students, unless you are a 1A school, you cannot use this procedure. 

For more rules and details on this new rule, you can see Luis Munoz's slideshow on the TETA website. 


A host of the clinic is responsible for making sure the conflict forms are filled out by the judges. Failing to do this will be a violation of the appropriate ethics code. This will result in taking a trip to Austin with your administration to see the UIL leaders. Eek! So be careful and make sure all your appropriate paperwork is done! 

Lighting at the Contest Site

All contests sites will be required to use a standard lighting map for their stage. Go to resources and forms on the TETA website to learn more about this. 

Use of Unit Set on Apron

The use of unit set in front of the curtain line is restricted to a 6 foot combined height. A judgement call can be made by the contest manager if the objects seem unsafe or likely to fall onto the audience. We now can put items in front of the curtain. Yay! We won't have to teeter our set pieces behind a curtain and hope opening it won't knock it all over!

Set Rule Changes

4x8 platforms cannot be stood on their 4 foot end. There is too much risk for falling and injury.

Headers and capitals can be added to door units now. The combined door and header shall not exceed 8'6''. See the resources online for more specific information on these updates. 

As for ladders, students may not stand or sit on the top rung of ladders. This applies to ladders at any height. Pay attention to the safety rules that go with your ladder!

No flame, candles, lamps, lanterns, torches or the like are permissible. 

No powders, glitters or other similar materials will be allowed on stage at State. It creates such a problem in cleaning and preparing for the next show and poses a safety hazard. Check with your theatre for all other levels of competition.

Lighting and Projectors

The stand you put your lights and projectors on now can be up to 4 feet tall. 

The restrictions on transition types has been lifted! We love our projections, so this is very exciting. 

In the past, the scrim to project your images had to be less than 8x10. That restriction has been lifted. It can now be 8 by any measurement as long as you don't exceed your soft goods limit and it can be rolled up on apparatus no longer than 12 feet. It can also be folded into a square. See the handbook for more details on this. 

Integrity Script

This is a complete published script which specifically and clearly reflects your performance at that level of competition. You must highlight your used portion of the script in yellow. You will need to strike through (not complete redact) information, dialogue and directions you will not be using. Any adaptations must be noted. 

This will be an important document this year. It will be recommended that there is an integrity script person at every contest.

You and your school will make sure you are copyright compliant. Your admin will certify that you are. You will provide the League with an accurate and signed music log. 

Contest Managers

New people must take the complete management test. Re-certifiers will take the Recertification Modules. The tests will open on November 1st and the deadline for this is February 1st. 

Panel Judging Critic Selection

Every judge will now get one of the advancing shows to give a personal, long-form critique. See the handbook for more details on this new development. 

Theatrical Design

The play this year is Into the Woods! We really love this show, so we cannot wait to see the great things people create for this. 

The prompt will be announced August 1st and is being decided on right now. 

UIL Filmmakers Festival

The tentative deadline for submission is January 11. They had 800 films last year! This is going to be a great addition to the UIL contests. 

New Handbook

The new handbook will be published on August 1st, so keep an eye out for that! 

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