15 of the best movies to show in theatre class

Teachers have known for decades that movies are the ultimate go-to when you need a low-key class day. But for theatre classes, they can do even more. The movies we've chosen below were all plays before they became films and make the perfect pairing to a script study in theatre classes. Let me know which script/movie pairing is your favorite!

To Kill a Mockingbird




Steel Magnolias


A Christmas Story

a christmas story movie still

A Few Good Men


Ethan Frome

Twelve Angry Men


Arsenic and Old Lace


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Driving Miss Daisy

The Miracle Worker


Of Mice and Men

A Trip to Bountiful

On Golden Pond

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Do you use these in your classes? What are some of your go-to movies to teach with?

Tell us in the comments!