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If you've been following the blog for a bit now, you know we teach in Texas. And the latest hurdle Texas teachers are jumping through is the T-TESS curriculum planning system. 

One of the big tactics of the T-TESS program is to get teachers to plan and measure themselves as well as the effectiveness of their lessons. And it's difficult! Trying to nail down every little detail of how a lesson will or won't shape a child's education can get tedious and overwhelming. So we've created this easy-to-use worksheet packet for all you teachers out there to use. 

Goal-Setting Guidebook for Teachers

We've created a follow-up workbook to our original T-TESS handbook for Teachers. Whether you're a Texas teacher battling the T-TESS system or just a teacher looking to set, strategize and achieve goals, this booklet is for you! Get our free download, print out the helpful checklist, overview worksheet and zoom-in goal defining handout to help you better achieve your teaching goals. 

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