Your One Stop for all T-TESS Resources

Getting used to the T-TESS system is enough work as it is! And we were tired of hunting down all the different documents, forms and presentations we needed to get it done. So we've compiled all the T-TESS resources we could find to help teachers have a one-stop-shop for all things T-TESS.

Implementation Guidebook

T-Tess Rubric

T-Tess Working Rubric

Teacher Handbook

The T-TESS Goal and Lesson Planning Worksheet

T-TESS Appraiser Sample Conferencing Questions

Collecting Quality Evidence Guide

Goal-Setting and Professional Development Plan Process Overview

Goal Setting and Professional Development Sample

Teacher Rubric Domains and Dimensions Overview

Self-Reflection Document

Observation Evidence Sheet

Calibration Protocol

Documentation Recommendations

Skill Dimension Crosswalk

Post Conference Plan Template

Teachers: End-of-Year Conference Overview

Appraisers: End-of-Year Conference Overview

Campus Phase-In Guide

The T-TESS Website


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