Costume Day 26- Accessory Discussion

We're discussing the possible accessories and props we will need for the show. 

Tell me what you learned today in at least 3 sentences. I want to know what you find interesting about stage accessories. 

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Theatre I Day 26-Acting Origin

We will discuss the acting origin project today. 

In this project, I want you to choose a current actor, research his or her work and find out why and how they became and actor. 

This project should include:

  • An actor's first acting role
  • why they chose to act
  • Their most popular roles
  • Why you chose them
  • Key points in their acting career (professional and personal)

Let's go over a couple examples





Little Shop of Horrors Program Bio

Please fill out the form below to help me write your bio for our show program. You should fill this out and turn it in by the end of the day on Friday, September 30th. 

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If you are not a senior, leave this question blank.